Request trial license by e-mail, use Lingo3G free of charge for 2 months.

  1. Request trial

    E-mail us at to request your evaluation package.

    You will receive a fully functional 2-month Full Server license file.

    While we get your license ready, take a look at the getting started chapter in Lingo3G manual.

  2. Download software

    Upload your trial license file at:

    to get download links for all Lingo3G APIs and tools.

    Lingo3G manual has license file installation instructions that might come in handy.

  3. Questions?

    If you have any questions or problems with Lingo3G, please do get in touch.

    Some more Lingo3G manual pointers you might find useful:

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Questions & Answers

What limitations will my trial license have?

The only limitation of the evaluation license is the 2-month validity period. The license does not restrict functionality of Lingo3G in any way. All features, tools and APIs of the Full Server edition will be there for you to test.

My trial license expired. Can I have some more time?

Absolutely, please contact us for an extension.